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160 contact hours, 16 quarter credits, Internship Quarter

or 240 contact hours, 16 semester credits, Spring Semester

Internships are offered for all the academic programs. Internships allow students to combine theory and reality. Cimas develops internships that match individual student interest with activities in non-profit agencies or community organizations involved with work related to environmental, development, social and/or health issues.

The internships allow a wide-range of activities in rural or urban areas, within a radius of 3 hours from Quito . The possibilities are quite broad, but it is necessary for the students to discuss their specific interests with faculty to explore internship possibilities.

During the internship, the students will have seminars with our Faculty, who are direct tutors in charge of specific areas (social, economic, anthropological, health, etc.) and who will suggest readings and assignments. The students are expected to keep a journal, write a major paper and make an oral final presentation.


Possible Internships Areas:


•  Health

•  Development

•  Women

•  Human Rights